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  1. Farm shows, travel and ag tech

    Farm machinery shows aren't just popular in the United States, Germany is a hot stop too.


  2. Husker Harvest Days 2013: Five Things You Won't Want to Miss

    Crops and livestock, machinery and irrigation, technology and antique farm equipment are all waiting for you at HHD this year.


  3. On The Road Again - Headed West!

    If you have never been to Husker Harvest Days - you should. It's a show like none other.


  4. Families Growing Our Food: Melons and More for Helgoth Family

    For decades, the Helgoth family has been providing locally-raised produce to their loyal customers.


  5. 4-H/FFA: Reaching Out to Our Urban and Farm Youth

    Fair time is when 4-H and FFA youth and their talents are on display, but these organizations work all year long.


  6. Show Trends and Interesting Items

    Finishing up Farm Progress Show has me thinking about cool stuff - and I mean more than temperatures.


  7. Identity Protection: I Can't Even Get My Own Private Information

    Between usernames, passcodes, my own forgetfulness and secret questions, I can't gain access to my own information when I need it.


  8. Fall Farm Shows: Taking it all In

    In one week I'll be buried in the new tech at the Farm Progress Show, seeing equipment and farm tools that help you produce food for the world.


  9. Crop Production: Too Much of a Good Thing is Not a Good Thing

    Resistance issues abound in modern crop production, so the answer is to use everything in moderation.


  10. More Farm Reflections on Fair Time

    One of the best things about going to fairs is watching the people.