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  1. May anti-GMOers choke on a ‘Phil Robertson’

    'Anti' groups constantly perplex this blogger with their tunnel vision approach to issues.


  2. Five Misleading Food Labels

    Day 13 of 30: if everything is all-natural, hormone-free, HFCS-free, GMO-free and free of anything else you might think is bad...what does it contain, exactly?


  3. Mad As 'H' Over FDA's Food Safety Act Overreach!

    FDA's food safety act's overreach threatens local small-scale food and livestock producers. Major food processors love it. Respond by Nov. 15.


  4. The Great Debate On GMO Crops

    Believing in safety of genetically modified crops depends on trust and science.


  5. Cooler Temps Bring Out The Baker

    Just make sure those ingredients in the cupboard are relatively safe to use.


  6. Don't Fry this Summer

    It's easy for farmers to ignore or forget to apply protection from the sun's rays.