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  1. Help! We're Overrun By Wanna-be Farm Regulators -- Parasites!

    We're being overrun by wanna-be farm regulators (parasites?) with no farm experience, no sense of unintended consequences.


  2. Meet Harold, Helen and Maria

    It is for this very reason of meeting strangers and making their day with simple conversation that makes me love what I do.


  3. 10 Reasons A Famer Is An Ideal Valentine

    A farmer is the perfect Valentine. Here is a list of 10 reasons why.


  4. Weather Outlook for the Upcoming Growing Season

    State climatologist gives his opinion on what the weather could be like this summer.


  5. Agritechnica Exhibitors Tell Their Stories

    An international farm show forces exhibitors to do a great job telling their stories in many languages.


  6. Farm shows, travel and ag tech

    Farm machinery shows aren't just popular in the United States, Germany is a hot stop too.


  7. Rethinking Fueling Options

    Propane has a lot of uses, and I mean a lot.


  8. Husker Harvest Days 2013: Four Things I Learned in Three Days

    Husker Harvest Days 2013 is now history, but interaction between farmers and the businesses that make farms tick will live on all year long.


  9. King Corn's Secrets To High Yields

    Randy Dowdy tells how he produced a 372-bushel-per-acre entry for the National Corn Growers Yield Contest and how he's seen 500 bushels per acre on his yield monitor.


  10. Husker Harvest Days 2013: Five Things You Won't Want to Miss

    Crops and livestock, machinery and irrigation, technology and antique farm equipment are all waiting for you at HHD this year.