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  1. The Friday Five: April Fool's Edition

    Data, 'waters of the U.S.', CAFOs and webinars: here are five links to catch you up on food and agriculture this week.


  2. I Fell For Two April Fool's Jokes This Year

    Be sure to check out our spring grain market analysis webinar this Monday.


  3. Showing Consumers the Face of the American Farmer

    "Farmland" documentary aims to address consumer concerns and illustrate the realities of farming from six different perspectives.


  4. They Came, They Heard, But They Didn't Listen

    Nebraska Unicameral misses opportunity to ease property tax burden.


  5. USDA April Crop Report And Your Bottom Line

    Join the April 7 webinar hosted by The Farmer's sister publication, Farm Futures, to learn how global markets may impact spring planting.


  6. Women in Agriculture Hold the Future of Many Farms

    About half of the farmland in the U.S. is owned or co-owned by women.


  7. Iowans Fight Big Oil's Effort To Dismantle RFS

    Iowa ethanol and biodiesel advocates flew to Washington D.C. last week to defend a strong and growing Renewable Fuel Standard.


  8. April Fool's Day - A 'Holiday' Sans Candy

    No gifts expected, no decorations.


  9. Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

    Okay, so many of you have already started to plant, but north of I-70 we're still waiting, but you can almost feel the tension.


  10. Confessions of a Farm Wife: Vol. 6

    It was a Confessions road trip! We're re-capping Dr. Ron Hanson: farm family relationships, families that don't speak, don't plan, don't give up control and more!