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  1. Climate Change From A Faith-based Perspective

    Farmers need to help find solutions to cope with climate change, says a discussion at a church in Ames.


  2. Women in Agriculture Hold the Future of Many Farms

    About half of the farmland in the U.S. is owned or co-owned by women.


  3. What's In The Farm Bill 'Bag' For You

    Hundreds of groups thanked Congress for finally getting the Farm Bill done. Here's a peek at what's in it for Northeast farmers.


  4. Randall Reeder Presents Will Rogers

    Ohio farmers might want to ask Santa to bring them a copy of this new book capturing the agricultural comments of famed humorist Will Rogers.


  5. Government Shutdown, Debt Ceiling Put Farm Bill On The Back Burner

    Dairy policy, food stamp funding among major issues to be worked out in conference.


  6. Conservation Compliance Not Always Clear

    One thing is clear, if you want to remain eligible for federal farm programs, you best have a determination made before one tree is cut or one puddle drained.


  7. Farm Bill And Fireworks On 4th of July

    Aggravated by gridlock in Washington, Iowa farm leaders urge Congress to pass a new farm bill.


  8. Are We Listening? Are We Farming Soviet-style?

    These references to "Soviet-style" farming throw me, just as statements about President Obama and his socialistic policies.


  9. Optimism Grows For A 2013 Farm Bill

    But the key to a new Farm Bill depends on a floor vote in the House.


  10. Farmers Don't Wait for Help. They Just Get Things Done

    When the chips are down, farmers usually roll up their sleeves and they just get 'er done.