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  1. Your Comments Are Wanted On New GMO Seeds

    Public comments on a new biotech seed and weed control system make for interesting reading.


  2. Ethanol Industry Set To Fight EPA On Blend Rule

    What's behind EPA's move to cut the amount of biofuel blended into our nation's gasoline supply?


  3. Farm policy from the grassroots

    Loads of information, delegate votes on policy, keynote speeches highlight American Farm Bureau Convention.


  4. Iowa Defends Renewable Fuel Standard

    Iowa farm and ethanol groups vow to fight EPA's proposal to reduce the required use of the corn-based fuel.


  5. Attacks On Corn Ethanol Continue

    Iowa Corn Growers and Governor Branstad urge you to let EPA know what you think.


  6. Rethinking Fueling Options

    Propane has a lot of uses, and I mean a lot.