Blogs Tagged Drought

  1. Climate Change From A Faith-based Perspective

    Farmers need to help find solutions to cope with climate change, says a discussion at a church in Ames.


  2. Last Price Update Before Planting

    Key pieces to the 2014 grain price puzzle are falling into place. Find out what the big picture looks like at a Farm Futures webinar April 7.


  3. USDA April Crop Report And Your Bottom Line

    Join the April 7 webinar hosted by The Farmer's sister publication, Farm Futures, to learn how global markets may impact spring planting.


  4. Winter Weather Was Tough on Pheasants and Pheasant Habitat

    Real key to boosting pheasant populations is getting healthy and strong hens into spring nesting season.


  5. Blogging Through Brazil: Wacky Weather

    Farmers across Brazil face similar concerns over wild swings in weather.


  6. The Meat Racket

    A new book takes you inside the rise of Tyson Foods and how it created the meat industry we have today.


  7. A Shift In Beef Cow Numbers Over The Years

    After several periods of drought, cow-calf numbers in the Gyp Hills have declined over the years. Southeast Kansas is where cow-calf herds dominate.


  8. Weather Outlook for the Upcoming Growing Season

    State climatologist gives his opinion on what the weather could be like this summer.


  9. What Kind of Weather Can Iowa Expect In 2014?

    We're beginning the New Year with record and near-record low temperatures.


  10. A Christmas Tree In The Making

    Growing trees takes patience, trust, resilience and time.