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  1. Behind The Scenes At Ag PhD

    Darren Hefty, co-host of the popular ag TV show and new radio call-in show, says his dad gave him a checkbook at age 4 and his first hired man at 12.


  2. Looking On The Bright Side Of Lower Prices

    A South Dakota farmer lists the positive things that will happen in a year when crop profit margins are tight.


  3. The Hottest Thing in Ag Tech Right Now

    Drones are the hottest tech in ag right now. Why are farmers crowding around to get a look at this new tech?


  4. Is the Customer Always Right?

    The vocal minority wants GMO crops gone. But if they don't understand science? Biotechnology? Regulatory process? Do they still get to make the rules?


  5. Winter Wheat Crop On The Edge

    Ohio’s soft red winter wheat crop is ready for harvest, but incessant rains frustrate both farmers and buyers. Now quality concerns arise.


  6. Corn Belt Crop Update: Northeast Corn Development Leads Midwest

    Northeast corn may be up to two weeks ahead of that in Iowa and central Corn Belt.


  7. Imagine If Only 60% Of Your Corn Crop Was Emerged

    Northeast corn and soybeans have it good this year compared to what I'm seeing traveling to western Iowa.