Blogs Tagged 4-H

  1. Help Support FFA With Special License Plate

    These young people really are taking steps to create a better future for themselves by challenging and investing in themselves.


  2. Why I Believe in Leadership Contests for Youth

    Put kids under fire and see how they react. It's great training for the future.


  3. Life Beyond the Ring

    Show season is on the horizon. Young livestock enthusiasts across the country will work their tails off but the question persists: do they know what they're raising?


  4. 140 Characters for PETA

    PETA continues their long history of targeting children and young people; this time, it's biology dissection and my niece.


  5. Swedes Take America (In the Nicest Way Possible)

    Observations of the visiting Swedish ag journalists may surprise you: read on for their thoughts on livestock, biotech, hormones and semis. Not in that order.


  6. Are Rural Communities Ready for More Young Farmers?

    Is your community ready to accomodate the next generation of farmers, their young families and support businesses related to agriculture?


  7. Extension Service to Celebrate Centennial

    Nebraska Farmer promoted Extension's goals in those early years.


  8. Lessons from the '80s: Your Most Important Assets

    A handful of state Farm Bureau presidents share hard-earned wisdom from the '80s farm crisis. This story personifies them all.


  9. College: 'Congratulations! You're In!'

    How my niece got her big news, plus a comprehensive list of ag scholarships. If you're headed to college, you won't want to miss this!


  10. A Guiding Voice For Extension

    U-M seeks nominations for Extension's Citizens Advisory Committee.