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  1. Savor The Crazy Spring Despite The Planter Dust

    Despite the crazy planting season, make the season's 'downers' into 'uppers' urge these young farmers.


  2. It's Master Farmer Season

    Farm Progress publications have been honoring the 'cream of the crop' since the 1920s.


  3. Hey, Ag Student! Here's How To Snag A Top Ag Job

    To have a great career in agriculture even if you don't go back to the farm, follow three golden rules and start planning now.


  4. Stories From the Storm

    The western South Dakota blizzard killed tens of thousands of head of livestock and brought some ranchers to their knees.


  5. Blizzard Takes Toll On Cattle

    Western South Dakota cattlemen have lost 10-20% of their livestock.


  6. Western Drought Takes Toll As Some Get Too Much H2O

    Some benefit from moisture while others see hit on crops.


  7. GMO Labeling Is Pushed On Ill-Informed Public & Congress

    Activist aiming to kill biotech via GMO labeling get Congress to act despite flawed schemes, but lose movement co-founder Mark Lynas to biotech.


  8. See Season Through Farmers' Eyes On Web

    Crop reporters from three states share what's happening in their fields.