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  1. Serving "Food For Thought" And More At Wallace House

    What's on the menu at the Wallace House in Sherman Hill in Des Moines? Good food and thoughtful programs.


  2. Congratulations On A Job Well Done

    Delivering timely, helpful information to farm families and all Iowans is an important function of ISU Extension.


  3. Master Farmer Spirit Is In The Air

    The class of 2014 features Phyllis and Roy Bardole from Rippey; Brian and Cindy Kemp from Sibley; Ann and Marlyn Jorgensen from Garrison; and Gene and Marita Rouse from Huxley.


  4. Super-Sized Equipment Not Suited for Highly Erodible Ground

    Matching machinery size to soil conservation needs on Iowa's steep slopes.


  5. Ethanol Industry Set To Fight EPA On Blend Rule

    What's behind EPA's move to cut the amount of biofuel blended into our nation's gasoline supply?


  6. European Influence in the Midwest

    Europe leads the world in photovoltaic capacity. After visiting Europe, the Van Kootens installed the largest privately-owned solar structure in Iowa.


  7. What I Learned At World Food Prize Symposium

    Hungry people don't worry about GMOs.


  8. Pumpkin Time: Iowa Farm Becomes A Classroom

    Visit to pumpkin farm is fun and educational for children and older groups, too.


  9. He Was Growing Cover Crops Before Covers Were Cool

    Iowa lost one of its pioneers in sustainable agriculture, Dick Thompson, co-founder of Practical Farmers of Iowa, who died Aug. 17 at age 81.


  10. Ethanol And Corn In Victory Lane At Iowa Speedway

    Farmers can earn a premium for growing corn that has special trait for ethanol production.