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  1. My Encounters With Farm Yard Varmints Reaches a New High

    I finally put a point on the 'varmints vs. Tom' board, but I'm still losing the war!


  2. Master Farmer Spirit Is In The Air

    The class of 2014 features Phyllis and Roy Bardole from Rippey; Brian and Cindy Kemp from Sibley; Ann and Marlyn Jorgensen from Garrison; and Gene and Marita Rouse from Huxley.


  3. The Friday Five: Global Edition

    Ukrainian agriculture, Grist magazine, biotechnology, farm dogs and an obituary (really): five links to catch you up on the week in food and agriculture.


  4. It's Master Farmer Season

    Farm Progress publications have been honoring the 'cream of the crop' since the 1920s.


  5. Will They Need to Clear Snow for the Indy 500?

    Winter hangs on with a vengeance.


  6. She Was a Good Farm Dog

    Saying goodbye to an animal whose life is so completely intertwined with our family and our farm.


  7. Farmers Like the New Farm Bill; Activists Cry Foul

    Some things never change when it comes to Congress, farmers and environmentalists.


  8. The Promise of the Prairie

    The cold winds are blowing again, but take heart in this image: it will be spring eventually and you'll be planting corn eventually.


  9. Tell Legislators to Stand Firm In Support of Agriculture

    Environmental groups opposing bills long on scare tactics, short on facts.


  10. Precision Planting Shows Off the Future of Planting

    Planting at speeds up to 10 miles per hour could be a reality soon.