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  1. 140 Characters for PETA

    PETA continues their long history of targeting children and young people; this time, it's biology dissection and my niece.


  2. Anti-Livestock and Anti-Ag Movement Gaining Ground

    Organizations want to drive wedge between livestock producers and consumers


  3. Who Will Protect Agriculture From All The Land Mines?

    The need to speak up, get involved and tell your story is greater than ever!


  4. Cattlemen Share Experiences This Past Winter

    Cold winter weather provides opportunity for cattle producers to show commitment to calf care with consumers.


  5. When Chicago Moms Talk Back

    Antibiotics in milk? Hormones? Organic grass-fed cows? A Chicago Field Mom sees a real farm and pens a real blog. Down with misinformation!


  6. Fluffy Cows Equal Ag Ed Opportunity

    #Fluffycow may have cooled but you can bet it will be top of mind as consumers visit state and county fairs this summer. Here's a look at what show kids might need to know.