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  1. Iowans Fight Big Oil's Effort To Dismantle RFS

    Iowa ethanol and biodiesel advocates flew to Washington D.C. last week to defend a strong and growing Renewable Fuel Standard.


  2. Your Comments Are Wanted On New GMO Seeds

    Public comments on a new biotech seed and weed control system make for interesting reading.


  3. Precision Planting Shows Off the Future of Planting

    Planting at speeds up to 10 miles per hour could be a reality soon.


  4. New Year: Weather, Combinations and Favorites

    Dreams for 2014 include normal weather, while lessons from 2013 center on a safe. And its combination. Plus, check out the top 10 blogs from 2013!


  5. Hey, Ag Student! Here's How To Snag A Top Ag Job

    To have a great career in agriculture even if you don't go back to the farm, follow three golden rules and start planning now.


  6. Five Things about GMOs

    It's Day 26 of 30 Days|FIVE Things: today, here's a look at five common myths regarding biotechnology and the facts behind them.


  7. What I Learned At World Food Prize Symposium

    Hungry people don't worry about GMOs.


  8. Many Opportunities for Ag Students

    Students from around the country travelled to ag career fair in Ames, Iowa, to seek internships and full-time employment.


  9. Heck No, GMO!

    A family vacation to Boston reveals the good folks at Stonyfield are anti-GMO but not anti-Herculex. Wait. What's that?


  10. Are Biopesticides the Future of Crop Protection?

    A lot of big names in crop protection have made investments in ag biologicals. We'll start seeing some new biopesticide products in the future.