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  1. Master Farmer Spirit Is In The Air

    The class of 2014 features Phyllis and Roy Bardole from Rippey; Brian and Cindy Kemp from Sibley; Ann and Marlyn Jorgensen from Garrison; and Gene and Marita Rouse from Huxley.


  2. In Search Of An Original Ohio Master Farmer

    The first Master Farmer winners were awarded gold medallions. Today’s winners get bronze plaques.


  3. Five Things Farmers Said

    Day 20 of 30 Days: Farmers say the darnedest things, and sometimes they change your entire way of thinking. There may even be a bonus #6 today!


  4. Take Time to Appreciate the Good Things About Farming

    Some still prefer a simpler time than today’s hectic pace.


  5. He Was Growing Cover Crops Before Covers Were Cool

    Iowa lost one of its pioneers in sustainable agriculture, Dick Thompson, co-founder of Practical Farmers of Iowa, who died Aug. 17 at age 81.


  6. Ode to the Fair Board Member

    A lot of people work hard for precious little thanks during fair season. Here's a tip of the hat to the fair board member.


  7. What's the Payback on Precision Ag Technology?

    Brian Watkins has seen a terrific ROI with precision ag tech on his farm. He's got the data to back it up.


  8. Fair Season is Here Already!

    The summer is flying by and county fairs are well underway.


  9. See Season Through Farmers' Eyes On Web

    Crop reporters from three states share what's happening in their fields.