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  1. My Encounters With Farm Yard Varmints Reaches a New High

    I finally put a point on the 'varmints vs. Tom' board, but I'm still losing the war!


  2. Will They Need to Clear Snow for the Indy 500?

    Winter hangs on with a vengeance.


  3. Farmers Like the New Farm Bill; Activists Cry Foul

    Some things never change when it comes to Congress, farmers and environmentalists.


  4. Tell Legislators to Stand Firm In Support of Agriculture

    Environmental groups opposing bills long on scare tactics, short on facts.


  5. Story Reminds Us to Appreciate What We Have Today

    Life doesn't always work out the way we want, but our faith survives.


  6. Let It Snow, Let It Snow … Just Know How Much

    You still have a chance to outguess the weather forecaster and win free seed.


  7. A Farmer's Wish List for 2014

    It never hurts to dream about the future, right?


  8. Bound for the Farm Progress Show

    Time for the Farm Progress Show…drop by the Hospitality Tent and say hello!


  9. See Season Through Farmers' Eyes On Web

    Crop reporters from three states share what's happening in their fields.