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  1. Wrapping up an amazing Master Farmer ceremony

    Agriculture feels like a family. There's a reason for that.


  2. Top 5 Reasons for an Off-Farm Detour

    Many students dread the forced "off-farm detour." I say enjoy a those years without the crushing responsibility of a multi-million dollar operating loan.


  3. Several Seasons in Agriculture

    Sure there are the basic four, but in the ag biz we have others.


  4. Confessions of a Farm Wife, Vol. 9

    We're podcasting again, with a new format and an easier-to-listen app. Today we're talking planting progress, Wall Street Journal and endorsements to make your life easier.


  5. Three Facts That Will Make You Sad To Be an American

    Is agriculture the last stronghold of traditional American values?


  6. My Top Three Beef Grilling Recipes

    Beef -- it's on the grill. There's nothing better than hitting medium rare perfectly.


  7. Farm policy from the grassroots

    Loads of information, delegate votes on policy, keynote speeches highlight American Farm Bureau Convention.


  8. Story Reminds Us to Appreciate What We Have Today

    Life doesn't always work out the way we want, but our faith survives.


  9. A Tablet Buyer's Guide for Farmers

    Not sure what tablet to get your farmer for Christmas? Check out this buyer's guide.


  10. I'm Thankful To Be An American

    Despite our faults, America is still a pretty amazing place to live.