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  1. Farm policy from the grassroots

    Loads of information, delegate votes on policy, keynote speeches highlight American Farm Bureau Convention.


  2. Story Reminds Us to Appreciate What We Have Today

    Life doesn't always work out the way we want, but our faith survives.


  3. A Tablet Buyer's Guide for Farmers

    Not sure what tablet to get your farmer for Christmas? Check out this buyer's guide.


  4. I'm Thankful To Be An American

    Despite our faults, America is still a pretty amazing place to live.


  5. Women Are Smarter Than Men

    As men, the sooner we accept that women are smarter, the better off we'll be.


  6. Bound for the Farm Progress Show

    Time for the Farm Progress Show…drop by the Hospitality Tent and say hello!


  7. A Rebuttal To the Monsanto Protestors

    Folks love to hate on biotech crops. But, are they offering any of their own solutions?