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  1. Who Will Protect Agriculture From All The Land Mines?

    The need to speak up, get involved and tell your story is greater than ever!


  2. May anti-GMOers choke on a ‘Phil Robertson’

    'Anti' groups constantly perplex this blogger with their tunnel vision approach to issues.


  3. Anti-GMOers Aim To Kill Food Abundance With GMO Labeling

    If GMO labeling is so important to consumers, food marketers will voluntarily label products to create premium value. Just say 'no' to GMO label laws!


  4. Let's Get Real About GMO Labeling

    Before banging the GMO labeling drum, let's try to understand how this sort of thing would play out. I think a lot of folks are confused.


  5. GMO Labeling Is Pushed On Ill-Informed Public & Congress

    Activist aiming to kill biotech via GMO labeling get Congress to act despite flawed schemes, but lose movement co-founder Mark Lynas to biotech.