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  1. The Friday Five: Food Edition

    Organic, anti-Anti-GMO, ag gag, power lines and FFA: here are five links to catch you up on the week in food and agriculture.


  2. Life Beyond the Ring

    Show season is on the horizon. Young livestock enthusiasts across the country will work their tails off but the question persists: do they know what they're raising?


  3. The Face Of The FFA

    FFA gets facelift in yearbook. Image shows student’s passion for farm, family and FFA.


  4. Are Rural Communities Ready for More Young Farmers?

    Is your community ready to accomodate the next generation of farmers, their young families and support businesses related to agriculture?


  5. March Madness, College And FFA

    Advice from an FFA mentor, leads to encouraging daughter to make her own college choice.


  6. I Blame The FFA For Changes In Rural Youth

    In honor of National FFA Week, 6 reasons why I blame the FFA for the actions of America's rural youth.


  7. The Friday Five: Olympic Edition

    Chipotle? FFA? PED? What? Five links that will catch you up on what's been happening this week in food and agriculture.


  8. Extension Service to Celebrate Centennial

    Nebraska Farmer promoted Extension's goals in those early years.


  9. College: 'Congratulations! You're In!'

    How my niece got her big news, plus a comprehensive list of ag scholarships. If you're headed to college, you won't want to miss this!


  10. Teaching Kids About Ag, Livestock Is Reward of Its Own

    Taking grandkids to experience how livestock agriculture works has rewards in all sorts of ways