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  1. Farm tractor makers keep inventories under control

    A look at the December AEM farm tractor, and combine sales report - called the Flash Report - is good news for farm machinery makers.


  2. Digging into Machinery Industry Report

    Association of Equipment Manufacturers 'Flash Report' offers insight into sales, inventory.


  3. Old Proverb Rings True With Self-Reliant Farmers

    With a little ingenuity, farmers have been inventing new tools to meet their needs throughout history.


  4. Antique Tractors Aren't Just For Show

    Early tractors mark significant points in history through new technology and fuel types.


  5. All Kinds Of Antique Tractors Can Be Seen At 4th Of July Celebrations

    Many farmers know propane has been used for more than grilling. LPG, or liquefied propane gas served as a less expensive alternative tractor fuel.