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  1. Meet Harold, Helen and Maria

    It is for this very reason of meeting strangers and making their day with simple conversation that makes me love what I do.


  2. Bright Future For Corn, But Does Danger Lurk Around Every Corner?

    At the S.D. corn convention, speakers say there's plenty of profit potential in corn -- but many political and regulatory challenges are coming.


  3. If this is Mittwoch, or Wednesday, it's all the Same

    In the farm shows business, no matter where you are, it appears Wednesdays are a big deal.


  4. Farm shows, travel and ag tech

    Farm machinery shows aren't just popular in the United States, Germany is a hot stop too.


  5. The Hottest Thing in Ag Tech Right Now

    Drones are the hottest tech in ag right now. Why are farmers crowding around to get a look at this new tech?


  6. Irrigation Through The Years

    Irrigation has been around almost as long as agriculture, and has been in the U.S. since before European settlement.


  7. Fall Farm Shows: Taking it all In

    In one week I'll be buried in the new tech at the Farm Progress Show, seeing equipment and farm tools that help you produce food for the world.


  8. CS-CASH Hopes To Make Farming, Ranching Safer

    Risto Rautiainen stresses the need for more health and safety information.