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  1. Remembering Two Who Gave A Lot To Iowa's Livestock Producers

    ISU College of Veterinary Medicine mourns death of two faculty members who were strong advocates for Iowa livestock farmers.


  2. Churning Up U.S. Waters

    What is really going on with EPA's proposed rule regarding provisions of the Clean Water Act? Farm organizations take different stances on the impact.


  3. Showing Consumers the Face of the American Farmer

    "Farmland" documentary aims to address consumer concerns and illustrate the realities of farming from six different perspectives.


  4. They Came, They Heard, But They Didn't Listen

    Nebraska Unicameral misses opportunity to ease property tax burden.


  5. Swedes Take America (In the Nicest Way Possible)

    Observations of the visiting Swedish ag journalists may surprise you: read on for their thoughts on livestock, biotech, hormones and semis. Not in that order.


  6. Confessions of a Farm Wife: Vol. 6

    It was a Confessions road trip! We're re-capping Dr. Ron Hanson: farm family relationships, families that don't speak, don't plan, don't give up control and more!


  7. Your Comments Are Wanted On New GMO Seeds

    Public comments on a new biotech seed and weed control system make for interesting reading.


  8. Hemp or Marijuana, the Similarities Bring Questions

    Feds allow research that could benefit pot crops.


  9. Three States, Two Panels, One Flu

    Farmers in separate states, on separate panels, agree: successful farm transitions will better position young farmers for the next era of low prices.


  10. Tell Legislators to Stand Firm In Support of Agriculture

    Environmental groups opposing bills long on scare tactics, short on facts.