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  1. The Friday Five: April Fool's Edition

    Data, 'waters of the U.S.', CAFOs and webinars: here are five links to catch you up on food and agriculture this week.


  2. Iowans Fight Big Oil's Effort To Dismantle RFS

    Iowa ethanol and biodiesel advocates flew to Washington D.C. last week to defend a strong and growing Renewable Fuel Standard.


  3. Help! We're Overrun By Wanna-be Farm Regulators -- Parasites!

    We're being overrun by wanna-be farm regulators (parasites?) with no farm experience, no sense of unintended consequences.


  4. Your Comments Are Wanted On New GMO Seeds

    Public comments on a new biotech seed and weed control system make for interesting reading.


  5. Big Hurdles For Industrial Beets

    Industrial beets might be a great crop, but EPA wants to cut the renewable fuel standard and the food-versus-fuel debate hasn't gone away.


  6. Ethanol Industry Set To Fight EPA On Blend Rule

    What's behind EPA's move to cut the amount of biofuel blended into our nation's gasoline supply?


  7. You Had Better Speak Up on the Renewable Fuel Standard

    I didn't think my comments on the RFS would matter until I read some anti-ag, anti-farmer, anti-ethanol lies already sent to the EPA.


  8. Bright Future For Corn, But Does Danger Lurk Around Every Corner?

    At the S.D. corn convention, speakers say there's plenty of profit potential in corn -- but many political and regulatory challenges are coming.


  9. My 2 Cents On The Renewable Fuel Standard

    I'm against mandates, but I'm against lies more. What I'm for: Gasoline or E85 for $1.69, not $3.79.


  10. EPA's Chesapeake Bay 'Backstops' Would Kill Many Small Farms

    Many farmers – not just in the Chesapeake Bay watershed – aren't aware of EPA's 'backstops' if their watersheds fail to meet water quality goals.