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  1. Churning Up U.S. Waters

    What is really going on with EPA's proposed rule regarding provisions of the Clean Water Act? Farm organizations take different stances on the impact.


  2. Who Knew About MDA's Advisory Committee Filing Deadline?

    Your opportunity to serve on the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's Water Quality Certification Advisory Committee has come and gone.


  3. In Search Of An Original Ohio Master Farmer

    The first Master Farmer winners were awarded gold medallions. Today’s winners get bronze plaques.


  4. Urging Action On Propane Shortage

    Propane prices are skyrocketing; what can you do?


  5. No Small Potatoes ...Or Tomatoes

    Would you like a share of a $1.3 million market? That's the estimate of sales at South Dakota farmers' markets in 2013.


  6. A Farmer Shall Lead Them

    Missouri has a farmer as its new department of agriculture director. But can he talk the talk and walk the walk?


  7. How Government Shutdown Affects Farmers

    Farm bill expired Oct. 1, same day government shut down.


  8. In The Numbers Game, Nebraska Scores Big Time

    Rankings show the Cornhusker State's farmers and ranchers produce more and do so in a sustainable way.


  9. Families Growing Our Food: Melons and More for Helgoth Family

    For decades, the Helgoth family has been providing locally-raised produce to their loyal customers.


  10. Conservation And Tithing: Doing What Is Right

    Donating 10% of your land, or 10% of your profits, for conservation.