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  1. 30 Days: Five Things About Five Things

    30 Days kicks off today, here at My Generation! This year: 30 Days of Five Things. Read on for the details!


  2. When Chicago Moms Talk Back

    Antibiotics in milk? Hormones? Organic grass-fed cows? A Chicago Field Mom sees a real farm and pens a real blog. Down with misinformation!


  3. Life Can Change In A Blink

    Never put off mending personal fences. Never take life for granted. It can change in a second.


  4. Farm Visits Always Welcome

    June Dairy Month farm visits have an added dimension, but getting out of the office is a perk of this job.


  5. USDA Deputy Promotes Farm Bill

    Scuse comes to Ohio to encourage passage of a Farm Bill and take back the views of Ohioans.


  6. Bovine TB Situation Continues To Worsen

    Two more herds outside of TB-core area test positive, more cattle herds to be tested.