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  1. 30 Days: Five Things About Five Things

    30 Days kicks off today, here at My Generation! This year: 30 Days of Five Things. Read on for the details!


  2. When Chicago Moms Talk Back

    Antibiotics in milk? Hormones? Organic grass-fed cows? A Chicago Field Mom sees a real farm and pens a real blog. Down with misinformation!


  3. Life Can Change In A Blink

    Never put off mending personal fences. Never take life for granted. It can change in a second.


  4. Farm Visits Always Welcome

    June Dairy Month farm visits have an added dimension, but getting out of the office is a perk of this job.


  5. Hay Expo attracts hay growers from South America

    Brazilian farmers make special trip to Iowa dairy farm to see equipment in action.


  6. USDA Deputy Promotes Farm Bill

    Scuse comes to Ohio to encourage passage of a Farm Bill and take back the views of Ohioans.


  7. Bovine TB Situation Continues To Worsen

    Two more herds outside of TB-core area test positive, more cattle herds to be tested.