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  1. Winter Weather Was Tough on Pheasants and Pheasant Habitat

    Real key to boosting pheasant populations is getting healthy and strong hens into spring nesting season.


  2. Nesting Habitat Key to Pheasant Numbers

    Even the pheasant capital is experiencing problems.


  3. Crazy Timing For Ethanol Cutback

    Gas prices fall below $3 gallon and corn prices fall below $4 per bushel -- and then we cut back the Renewable Fuel Standard for ethanol?


  4. CRP Conversion Alone Isn't To Blame For Pheasant Decline

    Last year's drought and this year cool spring reduced pheasant population, too.


  5. Conservation And Tithing: Doing What Is Right

    Donating 10% of your land, or 10% of your profits, for conservation.


  6. Sign Me Up For The Union Of Concerned Agriculturists

    The Union of Concerned Scientists, based in Cambridge, Mass, has a lot to say about today's agriculture. We are currently in negotiations to bring them back down to earth.


  7. A Legacy Of Soil Conservation and Farmland Preservation

    Roger Wolfe never met a stranger and never missed a chance to talk about the importance of soil conservation and farmland preservation.