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  1. Farmers, NRDs, technology preserve groundwater resources

    It's National Groundwater Awareness Week. How well are farmers doing at preserving precious groundwater resources?


  2. What farmers learned at Iowa Soybean Research Conference

    About 550 farmers and agronomists attended last week, seeking information to make better crop management decisions.


  3. The Grass Isn't Always Greener On the Other Side

    We need only worry about the farming operation within our own fences.


  4. For UAVs, the future is up and up

    Sky is limit for ag uses of unmanned flying vehicles


  5. What's Ahead For Iowa Farm Income In 2015?

    At winter meetings, Iowa State economists are providing crop and livestock price and profit outlook.


  6. Make Good Use of Winter Farm Meetings and Shows

    Get in from the cold and take in winter farm meetings to prepare for the New Year.


  7. Let's Help a Hero Help Other Returning Military Veterans

    Fundraiser will aid Chet Bennetts in his mission to start Farmer Veteran Coalition in Nebraska.


  8. Future Crop Production Leaders Are Being Trained Today

    Contests, research and youth programs are aimed at training new leaders in agriculture.


  9. Nebraska agriculture is in good hands

    Farmers, expanding UNL staff and private sector all contribute


  10. Planting Cover Crops Is Not An Exact Science

    No-till farmers are committed to planting cover crops, but they know it takes a systems approach to make it pay.