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  1. Going to the Birds a Sign of Farm Landscape Diversity

    Researchers say that a healthy population of songbirds on your farm is an indicator of ecological diversity and healthy ecosystems.


  2. Test Farm Production Questions Yourself

    If you have a question about a farm product or practice, why not conduct your own on-farm testing and comparison trials?


  3. Crazy Timing For Ethanol Cutback

    Gas prices fall below $3 gallon and corn prices fall below $4 per bushel -- and then we cut back the Renewable Fuel Standard for ethanol?


  4. Why You Should Chat With Your Extension Educator

    Get to know what programs your local educator offers.


  5. Farm Accidents Hit Home

    Farmers may be pressed to finish harvesting, but it's important to consider safety during fall, when more farm accidents occur than any other time of year.


  6. Safety Above All Else

    Harvest is a hot time when you're working on making that annual paycheck, don't make the cost too dear.


  7. Crop Production: Too Much of a Good Thing is Not a Good Thing

    Resistance issues abound in modern crop production, so the answer is to use everything in moderation.


  8. September Nebraska Farmer Will Weigh Down Your Mailbox

    Don't miss the more than 250 total pages in our biggest magazine of the year.


  9. State Officials Defend Iowa's Nutrient Reduction Strategy

    Iowa leaders say voluntary approach to reducing farm runoff will work if given a chance.


  10. Families Growing Our Food: Rebuilding the Land After Floods

    I visited Scott Olson right after Missouri River flood waters receded in 2011, and again at harvest a year later.