Blogs Tagged conservation tillage

  1. Call It The 7 Rs

    No matter how you define Master Farmer, these award winners bring honor to the profession.


  2. In Search Of An Original Ohio Master Farmer

    The first Master Farmer winners were awarded gold medallions. Today’s winners get bronze plaques.


  3. Randall Reeder Presents Will Rogers

    Ohio farmers might want to ask Santa to bring them a copy of this new book capturing the agricultural comments of famed humorist Will Rogers.


  4. The Great Debate On GMO Crops

    Believing in safety of genetically modified crops depends on trust and science.


  5. Sign Me Up For The Union Of Concerned Agriculturists

    The Union of Concerned Scientists, based in Cambridge, Mass, has a lot to say about today's agriculture. We are currently in negotiations to bring them back down to earth.


  6. Spring Moldboard Plowing? Really?

    Not everyone has received the conservation message.