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  1. The Friday Five: Squirming Edition

    What do bale feeders and Pythagorean Theorems have to do with each other? Senators and HSUS? Vani and Oz? Here's five links on the week in food and agriculture!


  2. VT dairy farms and governor must meet on 'Lake Champlain manure'

    At least $16 million in Conservation Partnership Project funds should bring all to the table and to action in the Lake Champlain cleanup.


  3. Agriculturalists Who Influence: Matt Lloyd

    Day 19 of 30: A farm boy is transplanted to our nation's capital, where he helps shape public opinion and shares ag's message. Nearly 20 years later, the result is much influence.


  4. Ag Is Right To Challenge Bully Bureaucrats

    Why are federal bureaucrats/regulators seemingly running wild with senseless proposals? Because they can!


  5. Ushering In A New Era For Soil Conservation

    U.S. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack unveiled a new conservation initiative this week that goes beyond traditional government efforts to save soil and water.


  6. EPA's Chesapeake Bay 'Backstops' Would Kill Many Small Farms

    Many farmers – not just in the Chesapeake Bay watershed – aren't aware of EPA's 'backstops' if their watersheds fail to meet water quality goals.