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  1. Cold Weather Calls For Tomato Chili And A Side Of Cinnamon Roll

    This time of year gets me anxious to get back into the kitchen and cook up some warm tasting tomato chili. What's your favorite chili recipe?


  2. Rethinking Fueling Options

    Propane has a lot of uses, and I mean a lot.


  3. S.D. Farmers Ask HSUS To Drop Horse Processing Injunction

    They say because of HSUS opposition to humane processing facilities in the U.S., more horses are suffering.


  4. An Easy Sweet Corn Casserole Recipe the Family Will Love

    Don't know what to do with all that sweet corn? Try out this casserole. You'll love it.


  5. Trade Missions Serve Critical Purpose

    Exporting grain and livestock products important to Nebraska.


  6. Dollars Still Needed To Defend Beef

    The drought's harsh impacts on cattlemen and poor market conditions were cited as the reasons to stay the course for now.


  7. Get To Grillin'

    Avoid food-borne illness, cook meat to correct temperatures.


  8. Dairy Industry Deflects Milk Quality One More Time

    At issue is milk quality. The industry uses a measurement called the somatic cell count to determine if milk is clean and of the highest quality.


  9. The Day I Wowed My Wife With Crock-Pot Pulled Pork

    You really can get amazing pulled pork from a Crock-Pot. That's right, I said Crock-Pot, not smoker.