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  1. Iowans Fight Big Oil's Effort To Dismantle RFS

    Iowa ethanol and biodiesel advocates flew to Washington D.C. last week to defend a strong and growing Renewable Fuel Standard.


  2. Ethanol Industry Set To Fight EPA On Blend Rule

    What's behind EPA's move to cut the amount of biofuel blended into our nation's gasoline supply?


  3. You Had Better Speak Up on the Renewable Fuel Standard

    I didn't think my comments on the RFS would matter until I read some anti-ag, anti-farmer, anti-ethanol lies already sent to the EPA.


  4. Iowa Defends Renewable Fuel Standard

    Iowa farm and ethanol groups vow to fight EPA's proposal to reduce the required use of the corn-based fuel.


  5. $3.25 Corn? Soybeans Under $10?

    Are you ready for a new era now that the biofuel rush is over? An AgResource Company analyst outlines what he thinks will happen.


  6. Farm Bill Shopping List

    Sen. Heidi Heitkamp lists 15 things that she thinks the U.S. House and Senate Ag Committee members should put in the Farm Bill.


  7. Perspectives On Feeding The World's Growing Population

    At this spring's conference, Dilip Kulkarni of India's Jain Irrigation Systems, believes time is running out to meet future food needs.


  8. Sign Me Up For The Union Of Concerned Agriculturists

    The Union of Concerned Scientists, based in Cambridge, Mass, has a lot to say about today's agriculture. We are currently in negotiations to bring them back down to earth.