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  1. An In-house Farm Tax Doer: An Extra Perk Of Married Life

    Sheilah's farm tax records system beats Mike's floor-of-the-pickup version


  2. Seed Companies Push Planting Products And Our Patience

    As if the Christmas sales season didn't come early enough, seed sales calls pushing planting products seem never-ending.


  3. EPA's Chesapeake Bay 'Backstops' Would Kill Many Small Farms

    Many farmers – not just in the Chesapeake Bay watershed – aren't aware of EPA's 'backstops' if their watersheds fail to meet water quality goals.


  4. Ah, Deer Hunting Season Is On!

    It was the first time that Mike and Sheilah went deer hunting together -- and a memory-maker.


  5. Time For An American 'Agrarian Spring' Over ObamaCare

    Here's why farmers, landowners and other common-sensed citizens need to rise up and force their congressional reps to kill ObamaCare.


  6. Life Can Change In A Blink

    Never put off mending personal fences. Never take life for granted. It can change in a second.


  7. Another Trip Down Memory Lane

    Seeing the vintage Genesis tractor next to its decidedly beefier descendent was a treat this week.