Ride of his life

What’s a 66-year-old retired International Harvester tractor dealer to do to keep busy? Dave Wolfsen’s wife, Deb, knew he was cooking up something. But really — an antique tractor ride across all 48 contiguous states?

Some might think he’s falling into dementia, but he’s spent many hours thinking it through and planning out an adventure of a lifetime. His hometown community of Fremont is behind him 100%.

Key Points

Dave Wolfsen will travel the country on his antique tractor.

He plans to leave his hometown of Fremont on June 1.

Wolfsen hopes to raise funds for two nonprofit causes.

“Tractor Dave,” a nickname given to him for his lifelong love of tractors, at press time, planned to start his trek June 1.

While he’s looking forward to exploring parts of the U.S. he’s never seen, he is mainly eager to meet as many people as he can along the way.

The trip, dubbed “Tractor Dave Crosses America,” has many purposes, but its underlining goal is to familiarize people with and raise funds for two nonprofit organizations in the Midwest that work toward alleviating hunger and responding to disasters around the world: the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee and Foods Resource Bank.


riding for relief: Dave Wolfsen will take his 1937 Co-Op tractor on a cross-country journey to raise funds for two nonprofits.

This article published in the June, 2011 edition of MICHIGAN FARMER.

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