Check out these tractor, truck offerings

You’ve read about major companies introducing new tractor lines in other stories. Some of those tractors are very large. Here are other new tractors and products for tractors and trucks our editors found at fall farm shows. Perhaps one deserves a home on your farm.

AgCam system is easy to adapt

What’s new about the AgCam camera surveillance system are adapters that make it usable with most monitor screens. The camera is designed to let you see what’s happening outside the cab. New adapter capability works with Ag Leader, John Deere Command Center, John Deere 2630 Greenstar III (JD’s newest monitor), Topcon X-30 and Agco C-2100 Series. Price for adapter may vary with brand. Visit: Distributed by Dakota Micro Inc., Cayuga, N.D.; call 866-462-4226.

Shift into a Kubota L3200/L3800 HST

Kubota now offers HST, or hydrostatic transmission, versions of its L3200- and L3800-model tractors. Known for their power, the HST versions of these tractors offer 30 PTO hp and feature live, continuous-running rear PTO for ease of operation. With four-wheel drive, the bevel-gear front axle delivers an extremely light turning radius with full power transfer to the wheels at every steering angle. Suggested list price for the L3200 HST model is $15,470; the L3800 HST starts at $17,288. Call Kubota, Torrance, Calif., at 888-458-2682, or visit


Add front-wheel drive to trucks

Add front-wheel drive to trucks with the EZ Trac Hydraulic All Wheel Drive System from Tuthill Drive Systems. EZ Trac overcomes traction and mobility issues without sacrificing ride quality, safety and control.

The vehicle’s front axle is replaced with a fully dressed, assembled EZ Trac axle. All-wheel drive can be engaged and disengaged with a cab-mounted switch and automatically engages when rear wheels slip at speeds under 20 mph. The system will disengage at speeds over 20 mph. Suggested list price: $30,000. Call Tuthill, Brookston, Ind., at 800-348-2474, or visit


LS Tractor introduces the P-Series

Billed as heavy-duty utility tractors, the P-Series is designed to take on the tough tasks on medium-sized farms. With four-wheel drive, low-fuel-consumption engines, transmission options, a push button-operated independent PTO, power-shuttle shift changer and a self-leveling loader, the P-Series offers power in a machine designed to lend ease of operation to tough tasks. Suggested list price with the loader is $47,000. Call LS Tractor USA, Battleboro, N.C., 252-984-0700, or visit


This article published in the January, 2012 edition of INDIANA PRAIRIE FARMER.

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