Do a better job of spraying

Sprayers are getting more accurate and bigger at the same time. Yet manufacturers haven’t forgotten those who still want economical options when it comes to spraying their own herbicides.

These new products for 2012 fit the bill.


Largest trailer sprayer holds 2,600 gallons

With a capacity of 2,600 gallons, the new Commander 10000 is Hardi’s largest trailer sprayer yet. Users can choose between Hardi’s 120-foot or 132-foot Terra Force tri-fold booms. Camoplast tracks are optional. With them, the Commander 10000 (that’s 10,000 liters) retails for $130,000. With a traditional wheel setup, the Commander 10000 starts at $105,000.

Contact Hardi, Davenport, Iowa, at 563-386-1730; email; or visit


Latest spray height control

Norac offers the latest generation of spray-height control in the UC5, a system operated through the tractor’s existing control panel. Controlling spray height reduces drift. Using the UC5 reduces operator stress and fatigue. The UC5 is available through Ag Leader and Autofarm displays, as well as a number of virtual terminal displays, including Norac Echo, John Deere GS2/GS3, Case FS Pro 600, Kverneland Group’s IsoMatch Tellus and Tellus VT. The UC5 is Isobus 11783-certified. Suggested list price is $9,500. Call Norac, Bloomington, Minn., at 866-306-6722, or visit


Check out aluminum booms

Want to get some weight off your sprayer without losing strength or adding extra cost? Hagie did it by converting to aluminum booms for its 120-foot-wide spray boom. The secret is in how the new booms are made, company representatives say. Models with 90-foot and 100-foot booms still feature booms made in steel. If testing goes well, all Hagie models could feature aluminum booms in the future. Contact Hagie Manufacturing Co., Clarion, Iowa, at 800-247-4885, or visit

This article published in the December, 2011 edition of INDIANA PRAIRIE FARMER.

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