Ready, set, show!

Sumner County farmers Marty and David Ternes represent the very essence of what the Western Kansas Manufacturers Association 3i Show, coming July 12-14 in Dodge City, is all about: Kansas ingenuity.

The brothers, who farm near Peck, were looking for an effective way to inject fertilizer into the ground ahead of an air drill on their no-till farm. They bought an Exactrix TAPPS injection system from Craig Rife of Hutchinson-based Ag Associates.

“It worked, but the John Deere openers wore out so fast,” Marty Ternes says. “It just wasn’t durable. We tried other companies’ openers for a short time, and they took a beating, too.”

So the brothers consulted with a friend, Richard Laake, whom they knew had expertise in design and fabrication of custom specialized equipment.

“What we wanted to do was build our own openers: durable, strong, rigid openers that would penetrate the ground, and stay down without bouncing up again and again,” he says. “So we decided to just do it.”

Key Points

• Farmers needed a fertilizer opener for no-till.

• The systems they found were not durable enough.

• Their no-till product will be at the 3i Show.

The resulting tool, the DMR (for David, Marty, Richard) Penetrator, now has sales exceeding 100 units, with another 300 under construction. It will be on display at this year’s 3i Show as the annual event shows off its new venue at the Western Bank Expo complex.

“We brought a demo unit to Husker Harvest Days [in Nebraska] last year just to show what we were working on,” says Rife, who owns Ag Associates, the distributor for the DMR Penetrator as well as Exactrix Global Systems.

The Ternes brothers and their partner, Laake, say they are now concentrating on building openers that can be mounted on any standard toolbar and will provide a durability and functionality that offer something brand-new to the industry.

“These are the first openers that are dedicated, designed and built for no-till farmers,” Rife says. “This is the first of its type on the market.”

Laake says the Penetrator will drop to 5 inches deep and ride there without bouncing out of the ground.

“Under the right conditions, farmers say they can run at 8 to 10 mph to inject liquid or granular fertilizer,” he says.

In addition, he says, the product is mostly made in Kansas and entirely made in America, and all the fittings are precision-machined to provide exact fit and higher durability.


MADE FOR NO-TILL: Partners David Ternes (left), Richard Laake and Marty Ternes built the DMR Penetrator for durability in heavy-residue, no-till farming.

This article published in the July, 2012 edition of KANSAS FARMER.

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