Precision technology that pays dividends

All but “bleeding edge” farmers and a few innovators are moving past the gee-whiz stage of precision farming. Instead, they’re looking for technology that delivers payback.

SureVac electric row shutoff from Ag Leader Technology Inc., Ames, Iowa, fills that bill. This new option in Ag Leader’s lineup of planter section shutoff devices is easily installed. It reduces seed costs and improves yield potential.

SureVac was designed for John Deere Pro-Series XP row units. The good news, however, is that it’s compatible with any Deere vacuum seed meter made in the past 20 years. It also supports Precision Planting’s eSet vacuum disk.

This new technology requires GPS and either Ag Leader’s SeedCommand or compatible planter control system to turn planter sections on or off based on field maps.

Saving seed on areas that would otherwise be double-planted provides a return on investment, notes Roger Zielke of Ag Leader. Plus, yield shouldn’t drop on areas that aren’t double-planted.

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This article published in the March, 2010 edition of INDIANA PRAIRIE FARMER.

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