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Harvest Management
Manage corn moisture discounts

Fall 2009 corn came out of the field at much higher moisture levels than in recent years. Especially in the eastern half of Iowa, farmers harvested a lot of corn approaching 30% moisture during the early part of harvest. Much of Iowa’s crop was harvested at 20% to 25% moisture.

First finish, then look back and forward

Harvest is in full swing, and some producers may actually be close to wrapping up the 2010 production year. What a change from 2009 when it seemed that the crop would never mature out. This year’s harvest came earlier than normal. Crops rapidly matured because temperatures were above-normal this summer.

Drought a challenge to soybean harvest

Reducing harvest losses is a simple and effective way to increase soybean yields and profitability. Losses of 7.5% are common, but could be much higher this fall due to the drought and heavy spider mite infestations.

Desiccants speed sunflower harvest

Confection and oilseed sunflower producers may avoid harvest delays and yield loss due to inclement weather, disease, birds, lodging and seed shattering by applying a desiccant to the crop after physiological maturity occurs.

Drying needs drive demand

The Wednesday between Christmas and New Year’s was pretty good for Richard Minnick. On that day alone, he sold $910,000 worth of grain storage and drying equipment.

Adaptation for tobacco

Tobacco growers have seen some tremendous changes in just a few short years. On Oct. 22, 2004, President George W. Bush signed the Fair and Equitable Tobacco Reform Act, ending the Depression-era federal quota system. That ushered in changes in tobacco production, particularly from the limited quota determined by government to a supply limited primarily by the tobacco companies. In addition, auction warehouses were soon replaced by buying stations. Contracts became

Plan for a safe harvest

Don’t let the harvest rush end up with a rush to the emergency room. Or worse yet, don’t let it be your last rush.

A guide to your options in buying a grain dryer

Out of sight, out of mind — that worked for grain drying for the better part of the past decade in many areas. Suddenly, out-of-date, worn-out and just plain inefficient grain dryers stick out like a sore thumb. That’s because one of the toughest harvest seasons in 35 years made every quirk, crack and shortcoming of your dryer painfully obvious last fall. As a result, phones are ringing off the hook in any business that sells grain dryers.

Canola perks interest in Texas, Oklahoma

While it’s not going to rival the millions of acres grown in Canada, winter canola is getting a try in Texas and Oklahoma.