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Notice to deer: buffet closed

Andy Thornburg doesn’t make any money feeding deer. He makes money growing row crops.

Gauge your electric fence needs

Electric fencing is a critical tool for most graziers.

Suspension fences can handle abuse

Early suspension fences used wooden posts and stays, which were labor-intensive and costly. Then ranchers tried metal twist stays, but these were also labor-intensive and easily bent by wildlife hitting the fence or going over or under, compromising height or positioning of wires. Bent stays are difficult to remove and replace.

2010 law: How to handle fencing disputes

Ideally, neighbors can agree between themselves on most fencing issues. If they don’t, Nebraska division fence laws provide a legal process for resolving fence disputes.

Poly-Fence Wizard gains editors’ nod

Alan Newport has been moving cattle around in paddocks and studying intensive grazing management for more than 20 years, so it’s no wonder he got tired of running back and forth to the shop for fence posts, getting tangled up in unorganized rolls of polywire, and — in general — dreading putting up temporary fence.