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Conventional Tillage
Camelina’s potential

When Great Plains camelina company’s Duane Johnson predicted a camelina crop at Lind, Wash., would hit 2,000 pounds, eyebrows raised.

A lighter ‘fieldprint’

The good story that farmers have to tell will soon be as visible as the footprint they leave on a field.

Study looks at how tillage impacts soil

Soil scientists with USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service are currently working on a project that will help farmers understand how tillage methods impact soil quality.

Sustainable snapshots

Producers such as Jay Hardwick are walking softly on the ground that provides them with a living and giving society the benefit of sustainable commodity crop production.

Waiting on wheat

Tenacity and technology are giving wheat a boost in southern Minnesota.

Wheat pencils out for growers

Not much wheat is grown south of Highway 212, yet that doesn’t discourage farmer and seed salesman Dick Stangler, Kilkenny.