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Rent land via Internet

Farmland owners, especially absentee owners, and farmers seeking to lease land both know that trying to find a good match can be frustrating. After its first year in operation, U.S. Farm Lease, a company based in Ames in central Iowa, has shown how it can help both sides get through the process successfully, says Mark Gannon, president and founder of the firm.

Sun World uses analytics to make better decisions

Sun World International LLC, a Bakersfield-based agribusiness, is harnessing IBM analytics technology to improve crop yields, reduce waste and expand its customer base, while providing more cost-effective and energy-efficient harvesting practices.

Earn more, waste less

A new, free online tool to help farmers make better-informed operational decisions has been developed by software experts at Iowa State University. The program is called I-FARM and is found at It assists farmers, bankers, Extension and co-op people, and anyone else interested in finding out more about farm management and how to get the most out of the land at the least cost.

Beef up your grain plan

Do you use crop revenue insurance in your grain marketing plan? “You should,” states Steve Johnson, an Iowa State University Extension farm management specialist. At meetings this winter, he has been explaining what you need to understand to get started. He encourages farmers to develop a better understanding of how to work crop revenue insurance products into their preharvest grain marketing strategy.

Best farming advice for 2011

Mike Evanish: It’s always a good idea to track what the leaders of major companies are doing. Paid for their leadership and planning skills, they usually know what’s coming long before the rest of the public.

Financial woes leave farmers with 2 options

This past year has been extremely difficult for Wisconsin farmers. With increased debt loads and diminishing asset values, producers may be wondering if their farms will be viable businesses in the future. To be viable, a farm must be able to pay for its necessary assets over a reasonable period of time. In addition, its assets must be able to produce income greater than the cost to produce that income.

What affects profit?

After analyzing three years of Farm Business Farm Management data, Gary Schnitkey saw something he had never seen before. The University of Illinois economist noticed that high-profit farmers are better marketers.

Add labor experts to team

Any farm that has foreign-born employees ought to consider outsourcing payroll services and retaining a immigration attorney, says David Skaggs, South Dakota Department of Agriculture’s dairy development director.

‘Cowboy GPS’ guides ranch planning

A GPS, or global positioning system, is a device used to help navigate from one location to another — essentially, it helps you find your way.

Smart phone, choices

It’s said you should never stop learning, and now one University of Missouri graduate student is delivering knowledge into the hands of beef cattle producers everywhere.

Become an innovative leader

There are four types of farmers: followers, early adopters, innovators and bleeders. I prefer to talk about a hybrid type — an innovative leader.

Plan for transfer of farm machinery

Frequently, I receive questions regarding the sale or transfer of farm machinery between one generation and the next. The rules for taxation of depreciable assets are complicated.

EZid unveils its new electronic ear tag

EZid, a division of Avid Identification Systems in Greeley, Colo., has announced the release of the EZid HDX Electronic Ear Tag for cattle.

Up management intensity, keep profit

Think back a few years. If someone had predicted that fed-cattle prices would pass $1 a pound, that the national cow herd would keep shrinking despite feeder prices being more than $1.25 a pound and that we’d still be facing beef shortages, you’d think they were “short a few bricks.”