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Efficiency over growth urged

Better is better” is replacing the concept that “bigger is better” in American agriculture, said David Kohl.

How did your farm perform?

It did not look very promising, on paper, going into 2010. Costs were to remain high after rising sharply, along with crop prices, during the high-profit years of 2007 and 2008, but crop prices had worked down from about midway in 2008. However, an unusually fortunate combination of events occurred in 2010 for North Dakota producers.

Clearly calculate farm earnings

Sometimes relationships surface among things that seem unrelated.

Start ‘weaning off’ Uncle Sam now

Many of us in agriculture have grown used to “milking” Uncle Sam via farm-program benefits, disaster payments, even cost-sharing. Do you see these things ending if our government dives deeper into debt? Any advice on how to “wean off”?

Watch these ’11 tax law changes

In December, President Barack Obama signed the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010. Here’s a rundown of some key provisions.

They keep crop consultants on speed dial

Del Unger makes no apologies. “We’re corn farmers — that’s what we like to grow and market,” he says. That’s why corn after corn is a big part of their grain operation. The farm has a wide range of soil types, with part of the land irrigated.

Start year-end financial plan

With current commodity prices at record levels and crop yields still unsure, 2012 will be a year where farms will want to do some early, year-end financial planning.