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Equipment Maintenance
Have tools, will travel ... to field

Nobody truly enjoys making repairs in the field. John Epperson may not mind it as much as most. He’s put plenty of thought and ingenuity into making sure he can get to the field with the tools he needs to make repairs in a timely fashion.

Strip-buster skims off residue

Seth Spicer, who farms east of Imperial, is one of the many strip-till crop production adherents in southwest Nebraska.

A low-cost storage solution

Storage space for equipment was at a premium for John Epperson, Hanover.

Want to buy greener? Use the ‘best’ list

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy recently released its “Greenest 2010 Vehicle” list. Small-car and SUV hybrids topped the energy-miser listing with green scores reflecting high fuel economies and low emissions scores.

Fuel savings for tractors

As fuel prices continue to climb, your tractor maintenance routine
can help you save energy. Making a few small adjustments in the day-to-day operation and following a consistent maintenance schedule can improve your fuel efficiency.

Agco center goal is fast parts delivery

Agco Corp. executives invited some 230 dealers from seven states who operate within a 150-mile radius of its Independence, Mo., parts distribution center to a special dealers meeting that also featured a ribbon-cutting and tour to officially open the center as a full stocking depot.

Adjust combine setting for harvest after drought

In a year when corn farmers will undoubtedly be facing lighter test weights and smaller cobs, it is important to fine-tune machinery to get the highest yield out of fields this harvest season.

Kick the tires, check gauges to save on fuel

If you’re still riding high after last year’s harvest and a mild winter, don’t let rising fuel prices bring you down. Take a few minutes to consider fuel efficiency, weight distribution, wheel slip and ballasting as you prepare your tractors and field equipment for spring operations.

Dairy turns to robotic milkers

When is it time for change? There are multiple considerations — some that go far beyond the usual economics and logistics.

Precision ups yields, lowers N rates

Technology can be great when it saves money and places inputs precisely. Eric Fuchtman of Creighton and his father, Clifford, have integrated technology into their cropping system, utilizing 20 years of soil test results for nitrates to vary the rate of anhydrous ammonia fertilizer applied over the 1,000 acres of corn they raise.

Tractor skills assure safe operation

The frustration was evident on their faces. As young FFA tractor operators struggled to back a four-wheeled trailer into a tight spot, they became impatient with the process.

OBMB is cotton’s future

In September, when Danny Clayton came to the Respess Farm in Pantego, N.C., to speak at the North Carolina Cotton Field Day about pickers that feature onboard module builders, one farmer came up, pointed to some round modules in a field across the way and asked him, “What is that in the field, out there?” No doubt the farmer was joking, but the round modules of a John Deere 7760 and the mini-modules of a Case ME 625 setup are still not often seen in the field.

Farmers navigate a shared course

Last March, Dennis Gengenbach’s full-time employee suddenly quit, leaving the Smithfield farmer in the lurch for the coming cropping season. “It’s hard to keep good help today, especially with such big equipment and the precision technology that goes with it,” says the 61-year-old farmer.

Equipment check

Missouri farmers are getting a fast start to the harvest season this year. However, they may want to slow down and check equipment.