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Ranger 225 EC revs up

A dual-purpose upgraded Lincoln Ranger 225 Enclosed Case Welder offers 225 amps of DC welding power and 9,000 watts of continuous generator capacity.

Small local farms get right-sized iron

There’s an unusual dynamic going on with American farms. The number of small farms is growing rapidly, the number of large farms is stable, and the number of medium-sized farms is declining.

Try combo welder-generator

For a combination welder and standby power generator, Hobart has introduced its new Champion Elite, a 225-amp stick welder with a generating capacity of 9,500 watts.

Take hard look at floor heat with a new shop

Don Villwock never intended to build another shop. Villwock, Edwardsport, and Jason Misiniec, who does day-to-day mechanical work at Villwock Farms, both liked their former shop. But a public utility liked it more. With the threat of eminent domain in play, the Villwocks settled, moved houses and built a shop from scratch.

John Deere unveils the Welderator

The John Deere Welderator is the latest offering from the green tractor company and offers versatility to many applications on the farm, ranch and workshop.

Grady pairs farm, industry

Sometimes opportunity presents itself, and you have to take a chance at it. That was the situation for Mack Grady, owner of Cureco Inc., a distributor of computerized tobacco curing controls in the United States.

Johnson: a jack of many trades

Bill Johnson was always intrigued by farming. At a young age he liked working around tractors and large equipment, and all his life he’s treasured the idea of planting a seed and “watching it grow into something.”

Shop tips to make your life a bit simpler

Convenience matters when it comes to setting up your shop. It’s nice to have a place for every tool, and a tool for every place, but it’s also slick to have easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain basic systems, including air supply, supply storage, and access to oil and other materials for maintenance and routine jobs.

Surplus items stock shop

Loran Wilson faced a big decision: Could he afford to build a new shop?

Compatibility key to Yetter’s bar kit

Yetter recently designed its 2995 Bar Kit to fit front-folding John Deere, White and Case planters, a move aimed at keeping the company’s attachment line on the minds of large growers.

Have tools, will travel ... to field

Nobody truly enjoys making repairs in the field. John Epperson may not mind it as much as most. He’s put plenty of thought and ingenuity into making sure he can get to the field with the tools he needs to make repairs in a timely fashion.

Leave that stock out in the cold

Leave landscaping stock out in the cold? It sounds harsh, fatal even. But that’s not necessarily so for certain plant species. And it’s a way for nursery growers to save time, labor and expense.