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Bottle sprayer invention offers lab, field tests of insecticides

When it comes to application of crop insecticides to row crops, getting the most for your money often boils down to finding the answers to the right questions, says a Texas AgriLife Research expert.

Indiana farmer wins idea prize

If you’ve ever cleaned spray nozzles and found one or more was still plugged when you got back in the cab, you’ll be interested in an innovation that DeWayne Jones came up with. Jones was one of 15 farmers and ranchers from around the country who brought their equipment modifications, marketing techniques and other innovations to the American Farm Bureau Federation annual meeting in Seattle.

New topper tech can control bacterial wilt

Clemson’s Bruce Fortnum paused beside a tobacco topper at the tobacco facilities of the Pee Dee Research and Education Center during the Clemson Tobacco Tour in July. Fortnum, a Clemson professor of entomology, soils and plant sciences, noted Extension didn’t do research on the Wet Blade System by Carolina Tobacco Services this year — they didn’t have to.

Tools help efficiency during N application

Ask any corn grower what is the most costly input for growing corn besides land cost, and the answer may still be nitrogen fertilizer. Seed cost is giving nitrogen a run for its money. But it still makes a sizable chunk of what you invest in corn each year.

New sprayers for 2011

Today it’s not your father’s world when it comes to herbicides. Getting the right amount of product in the right amount of carrier on the target weed makes the difference between success and failure.

Spray products that help kill weeds

Suppose you simply pull your sprayer out every year and tune everything up but the nozzles? How long before those nozzles are worn and aren’t dispensing herbicide spray accurately?

Here’s the latest in fertilizer application

Montag Manufacturing is introducing a steerable nurse cart with Landluvr tracks.

Measurement mistakes add up

Throw away old tubes used to measure dry flowable pesticides. Invest in an inexpensive scale.

Do a better job of spraying

Sprayers are getting more accurate and bigger at the same time. Yet manufacturers haven’t forgotten those who still want economical options when it comes to spraying their own herbicides.

Sure-fire tips to buy right nozzles for job

Sprayers and equipment for sprayers are a major draw at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky. One reader says he’s going there to buy sprayer tips. He would like to buy one set of tips. He’ll spray Bicep early, then either glyphosate or glufos-inate on herbicide-tolerant hybrids.