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Haying Equipment
Bale cutters can add value to hay

A new option for balers, available just in the past few years, is the bale cutter. This attachment to the front of a baler cuts the hay into shorter lengths. This option is available for round and square balers.

Making hay quickly

Your grandfather likely made hay with a sickle bar mower. Maybe he followed with a pull-type hay conditioner. Here are tools and products that will help you make hay much faster and more efficiently than Grandpa ever thought possible.

Hay man strives for excellence

For Taylor County, Texas, hay producer Leland Robinson, it’s not just the quantity of hay produced, but the quality.

Top tools make top-quality hay

These tools are designed for use on those acres that are best-suited for hay, perhaps for conservation reasons. New products offered by various companies will help you harvest a good hay crop, even on sloping land.

Haybus, Stinger make handling bales easier

Hauling hay may soon be easier, thanks to the efforts of two enterprising farmers. David Anderson of Burr Oak, Kan., and Chris Trumler of Rockville, northwest of Grand Island, have been perfecting two different inventions, known as a Haybus and a Hay Stinger, respectively.

Texas haymaker

Taylor County, Texas, producer Jerry Little juggles his own manufacturing business in town — which by itself requires considerable travel — along with his hay farms. Somehow he makes both ventures work.

Making the cut

Dale Duggan is meticulous in growing — and harvesting — hay in an efficient manner at Ballinger, Texas. Duggan puts down 107 pounds of 20-20-0-12 per acre to meet the nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur needs for his three-way cross of sorghum-sudan.