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Narrow-Row Planting
SHD olives making ag mark

A recently completed survey of California’s super-high-density olive sector, prepared by the University of California, Davis, Olive Center, shows the industry well positioned to develop olive oil into a major state agricultural commodities in the coming years.

Growing better beans

When Palle Pedersen came to Iowa State University seven years ago, his mission as the new ISU Extension soybean agronomist was to boost Iowa soybean yields. Farmers believed soybeans had reached a yield plateau. Corn was gaining much more yield per acre each year and making more money. For many, a bean yield in the 40-bushel range was all they were getting as a whole-farm average.

Cross likely to plant beans again in 2010

Texas farmers Darrell Cross and son Cody added solid-row soybeans in 2009 to a crop mix of cotton, sorghum, wheat and, sometimes, corn. Here is an update on how Cross Family Farms got the beans harvested.

Great Plains expands its Nutri-Pro line

Great Plains, based in Salina, has come out with new models in its Nutri-Pro Nutrient Application Systems configured to 20-inch row spacing.

Think like a soybean seed planted in soil

Perhaps it’s been a long time since you’ve been asked to pretend. For just a moment, imagine you’re a soybean seed that’s just been planted in the soil. What will trigger the emergence process?

Narrow rows may lift bean yield

Soybean row spacing: What is optimum for today’s production systems? Row spacing used by soybean farmers in Iowa has varied from 6 to 40 inches. What row spacing should you consider if you are contemplating buying a new planter for soybeans? Can narrower row spacing improve yield and profitability?