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Triumph Seeds’ SmartStax corn yields big for South Texas producer

A new corn hybrid shined for a South Texas farmer this year.

When Robert Rieder decided in February to plant most of his acreage with Triumph Seed SmartStax corn hybrid, he got more than expected.

SmartStax has the industry’s most advanced trait technology, with multiple Bt proteins for control of above-ground and belowground insects.

The Sinton, Texas, grower planted the SmartStax hybrid to reduce refuge acres from 50% to 20% to protect more of his corn acres with Bt traits.

But besides benefiting from the reduced refuge requirement, Rieder also got a pleasant surprise.

“The Triumph Seed SmartStax hybrid 7514S in my test plot outyielded all the other hybrids I tested,” Rieder says. “It’s a good year when you realize that the best-performing hybrid in your test plot is also the same hybrid you planted on the majority of your acres.”

Rieder has used test plots on his farm for years to observe hybrid performance and the value of different technologies.

This year, he planted 7514S, a new SmartStax hybrid, as the check hybrid into strips throughout the test plot, along with other hybrids, some with the same genetics as the SmartStax. The SmartStax outyielded all other hybrids tested, and outyielded the Roundup Ready Corn 2 refuge hybrid Rieder planted by 12.8 bushels per acre.

Ben Benton, Triumph Seed product marketing manager, notes Rieder’s results were impressive.

“With nearly 2,000 acres of this hybrid planted on his farm, we are very pleased with the performance he experienced,” he says.

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This article published in the October, 2010 edition of THE FARMER-STOCKMAN.

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