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Top tools make top-quality hay

These tools are designed for use on those acres that are best-suited for hay, perhaps for conservation reasons. New products offered by various companies will help you harvest a good hay crop, even on sloping land.

Check out the hay tools editors found at fall farm shows.


Tri-lex smooths the windrows

The head design on the H&S Tri-Flex Triple Head Merger creates smooth windrows because the center cam-center drive system allows for less gap between the heads. Elliptical-shaped skid shoes can be adjusted hydraulically from the control box.

And the Tri-Flex, which includes a rotary sensor to automatically lock the axle straight for transport, folds for transportation.

Suggested list price for the 30-foot model is $171,666; the 35-foot model runs $178,583. Call H&S Manufacturing Co., Marshfield, Wis., at 715-387-3414, or visit


VR1428 makes timely hay

High labor costs and finicky weather make haymaking a do-it-now-or-maybe-not-at-all proposition in many areas of the nation, so Vermeer is adding a new high-capacity wheel rake to the mix to make timely hay pickup easier.

The VR1428 made its debut this year and features a 28-foot working width with a newly designed beefed-up frame and running gear. The VR1428 features a non-bolted, non-telescoping tongue and a bent-tube frame, rear frame and fold arms. The tougher machine rides on a patent-pending rake wheel lift and suspension system.

For more information, visit


Vermeer launches New N series

Vermeer’s success with its 600 Super M Series balers just began trickling down into a brand-new N Series machine that incorporates many of the M features, but yields a 5-by-4-foot bale. The 504 N features an advanced net wrap system that feeds wrap directly to the main belts of the baler, bypassing the extra belts and rollers many others use. The N also boasts a big five-bar pickup with rubber-mounted tines and the ability to pack consistent bales from end to end.
An optional silage baling kit is available. Learn more about Vermeer, Pella, Iowa, at


New design for Vermeer’s Rebel baler

The Rebel baler got a redesign for 2012 that allows it to run with smaller tractors and stay on task longer. The Rebel 5420-5520 series of balers also features Vermeer’s new net-wrap design system. The true-bottom drum incorporated into the new N series for better bale starts is also now standard on the Rebel series of balers. Rebel balers also feature Drop ’N Go ejection, which makes moving on easy as soon as the tailgate locks. The 5430 makes 5-by-4-foot bales, and the 5520 makes 5-by-5-foot bales. Visit Vermeer, Pella, Iowa, at


Fast, big raking capacity

New Holland’s new ProCart deluxe carted wheel rake is designed for fast, big raking capacity. Individual floating rake wheels and newly optimized raking angles provide cleaner raking and help form uniform, easy-to-bale windrows. The ProCart does not require a tractor with hydraulic floating valves. Operators can rake on either side, turn over windrows, or select “V raking” with a turn of the hydraulic lock valves. The eight-wheel 819 model works up to 18 feet wide, the 10-wheel 1022 model works up to 21 feet wide and the 12-wheel 1225 model works up to 24½ feet wide. Base list price: ProCart 1225, $8,440. Call your local New Holland dealer, or visit

This article published in the December, 2011 edition of INDIANA PRAIRIE FARMER.

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