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Texas haymaker

Taylor County, Texas, producer Jerry Little juggles his own manufacturing business in town — which by itself requires considerable travel — along with his hay farms. Somehow he makes both ventures work.

Little grows, bales and sells coastal bermudagrass in both large round bales and small square bales.

“Primarily, the requests now are for big round bales,” Little says. “But if someone wants square bales, I bale it for them.”

Key Points

• Farmer runs hay farms plus a manufacturing plant in town.

• Jerry Little bales, sells round and square coastal hay.

• Hay grower meets the needs of cattle raisers, equine industry.

He has such flexibility to do that easily with his ample hay equipment. For large round bales, Little uses a John Deere baler, and for square bales, a New Holland baler.

“That works for me,” Little notes.

The square bales — by specific request of customers — rarely require storing as they are sold right out of the baler in the field. For round bales, Little uses net covering.

Most customers need hay for cattle, but he also has clientele that prefer the small square coastal bales for their horses. The hay typically is marketed in the greater Abilene region.

During the severe drought of 2009, the hay was sold by the time Little could bale it.

You can learn more by contacting Little at 325-338-8889.


TRACTORS STAY BUSY: Jerry Little has several workhorse tractors, including this John Deere 8130 for his hay farms at Tuscola, Texas. Every one of his tractors is equipped with GPS guidance, which Little says has been a tremendous boost in efficiency for his hay farming.

This article published in the August, 2010 edition of THE FARMER-STOCKMAN.

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